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The Caribbean Association of Adventists in Alberta (CAAA) was “born” in Central Alberta in 1978, and was registered as an organization in 1979. CAAA was formed by a small group of Caribbean families, who were new to the area, as a way of keeping their culture and heritage alive for their children who were growing up in an environment where black families were few and far between. It was a forum for the families to get together and fellowship with like minded individuals who shared similar beliefs, values and cultural background. The families got together annually in February and September at Foothills Camp, and eventually transitioned to the family retreats on Labour Day weekend. The weekend supported Spiritual growth and development, as well as opportunities for education, recreation, social activities and good Caribbean food.

Historically, annual family retreats brought together Caribbean families from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columba, Europe, and Alberta to the scenic surroundings of Foothills Camp, Bowden, Alberta. Today the annual family retreats continue to be inclusive and draw individuals from Alberta, other provinces and the USA. People from all cultures and walks of life are welcome to join any and all of our activities.

Promoting Cultural Diversity

What We Do

CAAA aims to foster, preserve and promote the cultural diversity of Caribbean people, within the Alberta context. Our purpose is to foster cultural and Spiritual enrichment, showcase Caribbean culture and heritage, and promote a high level of Spirituality in accordance with the principles of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

While the annual family retreat continues to be a key event each year, CAAA has become more community minded. We have expanded our scope to include cultural awareness, celebrating educational achievements through scholarships, showcasing musical talent through the Gospel extravaganza concert in February and community mobilization through our fall Business extravaganza.

CAAA Annual Family Retreat

What to expect at the annual family retreat

CAAA Annual Family Retreat

The family retreat is held annually, on Labour Day weekend.

When you register for the weekend, you secure accommodation in the lodge or a cabin, based on your selection. The flat fee includes seven delicious vegetarian meals and access to all of the amenities at Foothills Camp. Services vary if you choose to bring your own RV.

In addition to the Spiritual messages from a guest speaker, the weekend’s activities may include sports day, talent night, a concert, workshops, games night, therapeutic massages, scholarships disbursement, rap sessions, nature walks, a social and much more. You are guaranteed to have fun and laugh “till yuh belly buss”.

It’s a time to make new friends or connect with old ones. It is also a time to do some introspection, to fall in love with Jesus or renew your relationship with Him, in a relaxed atmosphere.

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CAAA is a non-profit organization that survives on donations from the community, fund raising activities and funds acquired from the family retreat held annually at Foothills Camp, Bowden, Alberta.
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