full of fond memories


The Caribbean Association of Adventists in Alberta (CAAA) aims to foster, maintain and promote the cultural characteristics of Caribbean people while adhering to the principles of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

We welcome people of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds to our annual Family Retreat, as well as other activities hosted during the year, such as the Gospel concert and Business Extravaganza.

As a non-profit organization, we depend on volunteers to help us make our annual Family Retreat weekend a time of blessing and enjoyment, full of fond memories for all attendees.

Our volunteers help us execute critical aspects of the weekend activities.

We need Volunteers over the weekend in the following areas:

Catering Staff
Sabbath - to assist in serving breakfast, buffet lunch and evening supper Sunday - to assist in serving brunch Sunday - night supper (Optional)
Saturday night (help in the kitchen) assisting the kitchen staff in preparation for Sunday brunch; cutting vegetables and small food items.
Clean dining room and kitchen
Wipe down tables and assist in doing the dishes in the kitchen after meals.
Sports Day
Supervising different sporting activity for example, one volunteer to oversee per games.
  1. Outdoor (if weather permits): soccer, track and field, badminton, volleyball, etc.; experience preferred
  2. Indoor (if it rains): basketball, badminton, volleyball and kids’ games etc.; experience preferred
Other areas of volunteering include setting out chairs in the worship hall and re-stacking chairs at the end of the Family Retreat weekend, as well as other general tasks as might be required
CAAA - Volunteers

We’d be delighted if you will consider volunteering in one of the areas outlined above. Please provide your name and contact information in the fields below, and indicate which of the areas you would like to volunteer in.


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